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Indoor/Outdoor Plumbing Services 

Sump Pump

A sump pump is a pump that sits at the bottom of a sump pit, which is typically installed at the lowest point in your basement and or crawl space. Ground water surrounding your home's foundation is channeled into a perimeter drain system installed at the base of the foundation. Water finds its way into the perforated drainpipes and is quickly diverted to the sump pit. The sump pump, which is triggered by a float switch, removes the water by pumping it to the nearest storm drain, dry well or detention pond. A sump pump turns on only when water inside the sump pit reaches a pre-determined level. Most new homes are equipped with sump pumps but older homes can be retrofitted with a sump system to prevent basement flooding


A small water leak can lead to significant damage if left unchecked. Allow our licensed plumber to provide a full inspection to determine what is leaking. We offer competitive rates on all repair services. Turn to our team when you have any type of water line, sink, tub, toilet, or
drain leak. If your shower is leaking, your pipes are frozen, or you have other concerns, we'll repair them in no time. We handle residential and commercial leaks and water concerns. Water leaks from dripping faucets, pipes, or others. Leaks can lead to mold growth and other harmful problems. We also repair and install gas lines. So hurry and get that leak fixed in no time with R Box Plumbing. 

Many home owners install gas lines for gas stoves, furnaces, fireplaces or other gas operable appliances in the home. Gas lines deliver the natural energy source to the home safely. Gas lines must meet certain specifications to ensure that there are no gas leaks that may be harmful to the inhabitants. The technician must ensure that the pipes are designed to properly deliver gas to the home. As seen in the picture to the right, Cross Boring occurs when a gas line intercepts a sewer line.


Gas Lines

This happens when a gas line is installed without careful planning. At R Box Plumbing we ensure the job to be done right on the first time and always safe. If the resident smells gas, he or she can shut off the gas valve and contact us to address the issue. Gas is typically odorless and colorless. Gas companies add a “rotten egg” smell to gas so residents can detect it when it is leaking.

If there is a leak, we will locate the leak and shut the gas line down at the main line. Then, our certified technician will dig to find the gas line and leak. The gas line will be replaced and pressure tested to ensure there are no leaks. The pilot light may need to be relit, the gas line may be clogged or need repair. If the gas line is damaged, the flowers or vegetation near the gas leak will be discolored or deteriorated. Contact our professionals to determine the extent of the problem.

Soil type may contribute to erosion of a gas line. As the gas line ages, the likelihood of a gas leak also increases. Gas leaks may occur when clients least expect it.

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