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Our Story

At R Box Plumbing we understand how important experience is in the service industry and we would like to take the time and walk you through our journey to the start of our family owned plumbing company. We lived in Europe and moved to America in the beginning of the new millennium.  Dmitriy (our father) started working as a plumbing helper at Bianchi Plumbing in June 2000. Here he got first hands-on experience of what the plumbing industry is all about. Starting out with simple plumbing services such as installing fixtures and cleaning drains he accumulated experience as well as customer service experience. In the summer of 2005 Dmitriy transitioned to a company called A Plus Plumbing. While working at this company Dmitriy was given a higher role and started managing plumbing projects. In these 2 years he managed to remodel an entire apartment complex and install all the necessary plumbing fixtures. In February 2007 Dmitriy was accepted for aplumber position at Bonney Plumbing. At Bonney Dmitriy learned from the best in the industry. Dmitriy's skills were honed to perfection because of Bonney's high standards for customer satisfaction. In Dmitriy's 9 years at Bonny he serviced over 15,000 customers which would leave spectacular reviews and thank you notes.  Customer would call back requesting only Dmitriy for their plumbing needs. Finally in the summer of 2016 Dmitriy decided to open R Box Plumbing with his 4 sons. The journey came with it's struggles but today we have the opportunity to run a family owned business. We would like to manifest the 16 years of experience by providing the best plumbing services in the surrounding area of Sacramento. 

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